Terfikir Pula... (Now A Thought Crosses The Mind...)

Dari Glokal Jadi 1Malaysia: Setelah liar merayau hingga Mongolia, sang isteri marah suruh balik diam2 di rumah (From Glocal to 1Malaysia: After wild excursions up to Mongolia, the wife reprimands and sentences to confinement back at home). klakka-la.blogspot

TV: We must practice 1Malaysia...!

Guy A: What, it's "1Malaysia" now?
New policy of looking inward within the entire nation only?
No more look-East policy,
no gazing towards the West,
no more loving glances at Mongolia?
Before, we were asked to be "glocal" and peek at foreign countries!

Guy B: This "1Malaysia" means people first, performance now.
This means people with low income are first to tighten their belts
when the price of flour or cooking oil skyrockets;
like yourself now, merely having plain tea,
last time you still managed coffee complete with toast.
Although he says our economic fundamentals are strong,
middle-income people are still the first to get suffocated
when the price of petrol appreciated
like myself, this is the same shirt as before.
Performances (read: personal achievements) for the rich people are required now, now, now.
So that they always have lots of cash
to dabble in shares, push up the market and give an impression that our Bourse is appealing.
Although he says our economy is still unstable,
performances for the leaders and their cronies and relatives
must still be now and always,
so that together they can take vacation to Disneyland or Paris

* * * * * * *

Retorika, Retorika... (Rhetorics, Rhetorics...)
Pemanis di Bibir, Pemanis di Bibir... (Sweet Nothings, Sweet Nothings...)
Slogan Lagi, Slogan Lagi... (Another Slogan, Another Slogan...)
50+ Tahun Dengan Bermacam Slogan... (50+ Years With All Kinds of Slogans...)
Kalau Disenaraikan Tentu Catat 1Lagi "Kejayaan" dan "Kebanggaan" Dalam Buku Rekod 1Malaysia: Negara Paling Banyak Slogan...
(If A List is Drawn, Surely 1More "Success Story" and "Pride" Will Be Entered Into the 1Malaysia Book of Records: Nation With The Most Slogans...)
klakka-la...! (it's funny...!)


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