Rock Will Never Die!

Do you know the veteran rock group Deep Purple?
If you do, you must surely know one of their many hit songs titled Highway Star.
It is one fast, rocking song but still melodious and not overly hard on the eardrums, whilst relying heavily on the keyboard even more than the lead guitar to belt out the melodic riffs.
Highway Star remains one of the great classic rock songs still being played over and over, just as Deep Purple is still being revered with cult-like following, by fans of this genre until today.
This is one classic example that epitomizes the phrase Rock Will Never Die.

In Malaysia, we have one Highway Star who still remains revered by many until today.

Or, from the standpoint of many others, one Highway Star who still remains despised until today.

Now, despite all the excitements or rather controversies surrounding this Malaysian Highway Star, he seems to many that he too, will never die, or at least, will never step down! God!

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